Enrichment Activities

A wide variety of clubs take place throughout the year providing opportunities for young people to improve their skills in a certain area or have a go at something new.

Year 8 Basketball Club (lunch hour)

This club is run by Mr Gripton to increase skills and build a team who will play in matches against other schools and tournaments

Zumba (lunchtime)

Zumba is fast and furious routines, done to pop music. It is for pupils to keep fit and have fun. Miss Manley runs the sessions for boys and girls of key stage 3, 12.30—12.50pm, then key stage 2 12.50—12.10

Year 5 Sports Club (lunchtime, Monday)

This club is run in partnership with Youth Sports Leaders from Arrow Vale R.S.A. Academy. A number of sports are tackled in a fun way to build knowledge, stamina and resilience.

Choir ( Wednesday lunchtimes)

This club is run by Mr Williams and Miss Craner. It is open to boys and girls from any year group. The pupils learn a wide variety of modern pop and serious songs which they perform in public at celebration assemblies and special events.

At Christmas 2012 they had a full programme, performing at the Winyates outdoor Carol Service in the local shopping Centre, The Redditch Civil Carol Service in the town, GKN Industry Carol Service, for the Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch at St Peter’s Church (Ipsley) and Christchurch(Matchborough). They were also the star performers at the school Carol service on 17th December. Every year there is a tradition for these talented youngsters to visit our neighbours in the ‘old folks’ bungalows to sing at their door and take them a small Christmas gift.

Choir is a great chance to meet new friends, enjoy singing, have fun and boost your self confidence. Many pop artists of today started their career by singing at school!

Year 7 BMX Bike riding

An outdoors course offered to all year7 students on Thursday afternoons as part of the FOCUS lessons on a Thursday. They visit the BMX track with Mr Beavan to learn new skills, bike safety and endurance. Some students have gone on to represent the school in local competitions.

Year 8 Blackwell Court Outdoor Adventure

An outdoor education opportunity offered to students as part of the Focus lessons on Wednesdays. This is a short course to try their hand at climbing, abseiling, grass sledging and other exciting personal challenges.


This is a charity that works within school, providing learning mentors from the workplace that encourage and nurture pupils in order that they achieve highly academically and grow up to be successful socially. Volunteers are interviewed, trained and CRB checked then matched with a child, whom they visit weekly at school. The time they spend with a pupil is 'qualilty one to one time', and the 'brief' is different depending on need. Many pupils have benefited greatly, developing self confidence, a more positive self image and a stronger work ethic.

Pupils are referred by staff for this programme, in discussion with parents/carers.

Year 5 'EXPLORE' afternoons

Each year 5 class has the chance to get 'hands on' with the Explore learning materials.

Tutors from 'Explore' come into school to give children a free 'taster session'.

Explore Learning Centres offer children aged six to 14 extra tuition in English and maths using the latest technology. Specially trained tutors are on hand to help improve children's core skills in maths, reading and spelling during the one-hour sessions. There is a centre at Sainbury’s in Redditch, where children can brush up on skills in a friendly, safe environment. Fees are reasonable for families.

Inter Class Sports Competitions

These take place on a rolling programme throughout the year. Challenges include the Cross Country Challenge, Inter-class Rowing competition and an Athletics morning.

Sporting Challenges within the Pyramid

Over the school year there are opportunities for groups of pupils to visit Arrow Vale R.S.A. Academy to try out new activities like trampolining and badminton. These events are organised by our PESSCO sports teacher, Mr Beavan. There are sports afternoons for children with disabilities, with signposting to sports clubs within the Redditch area. Later in the year the First Schools are invited to attend a football Tournament hosted at Ipsley, where Junior Sports Leaders can put their skills into practice.

Year 5/6 Key Stage 2 CHILDLINE Service

Childline, in conjunction with the N.S.P.C.C. have a specialised tutor who visits school for an initial assembly then delivers an hour long workshop with each class. Advice of how to keep safe from child abuse is delivered sensitively with well researched back up materials which the children are encouraged to take home.

Year 5 Friendship Club (lunch times, daily) lunchtime

Friendship club teaches social skills and is a place where our newest school members can make friends, stay safe at lunchtime, learn how to play a variety of games, do crafts and build models. Children who find the hurly burly of the playground have a sanctuary here. There can be a quiet pocket for readers but usually there is a buzz of fun as there are a variety of educational play activities on offer.

Friday Sanctuary Club

A chance for any pupil who has had a hard time recently to learn crafts, play games, chat about well-being and say a prayer if they wish. Entry to this club is by referral of staff.

Young Citizens ( years 7/8 Key Stage 3)

Run by Sarah from the Council and a Community Service Officer, the group offers a 5 week programme to help students keep themselves safe and ‘wise-up’ on dangers in society. The groups are all male or all female. Learning on topics such as the problems of drugs, smoking, alcohol, safety in relationships, knife crime etc are tackled, often with agency workers from within the community coming in to show films. Entry to this opportunity is by personal invitation after discussion with parents/carers.

Well-Being in school ( years 5/6/7/8)

A pilot programme delivered by Jo Pavilion is our Early Intervention Family Support worker in conjunction with Gemma Shilvock ( Ipsley’s school Educational Psychologist). This is a ten week series of ’lessons’ ( run in school time) to help children with anxiety about school or home to become happier and more fully equipped to be resilient and cope with life. Parents /carers are fully involved at the beginning of the programme and help with feedback at the end.


A on-going programme delivered in each year group through P.S.H.E. lessons. Anti-Bullying week is celebrated every November with a special assembly and competition to keep this issue high profile. Children are trained to tell if they feel they are being bullied. Issues of true bullying are rare, but sometimes, with children of Middle School age there are friendship disputes that may have elements of bullying as part of the problem. Staff will always take complaints seriously, act appropriately, including informing parents if necessary. The problems of internet bullying are well documented in the media. The children are taught in ICT lessons how to keep themselves cybersafe while on computer, mobiles or other technologies. The school has a comprehensive series of policies and leaflets for parents.

Eco Committee

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Bee creative - By Shanna Langham.pdf

Eco committee Newsletter Contributions.

“Working together as a community to make the Environment a better place.”
Mission statement written by Ellina Lawless

Eco committee would like to announce that James Cookson and Ellina Lawless have been voted as Head and Deputy Head respectively. This is due to their hard work and commitment in driving projects since the beginning of the committee - Congratulations!

Morrison’s Vouchers

Many thanks for all of the Morrison’s vouchers you donated to the academy. We have placed our order for some new gardening equipment. This will really help support our new Gardening club starting next spring.

Bee Competition

If you have ever seen Bee Movie you will be aware of the importance of Bees, not only in the production of honey and beautiful flowers, but in the pollination of food crops.

Bee numbers are on the decline, two species of Bumble bee have disappeared from Great Britain in the last 100 years.

Eco committee have been running a competition in conjunction with the Redditch Lions to raise awareness of the importance of Bees in pollination in securing human food production. We have done assemblies and run lunchtime clubs to support pupils in their entries.

The poster competition closes on 11th December when Eco-committee are looking forward to selecting  year group winners, then sending all entries off to be shortlisted by the Redditch Lions which will be on display at Redditch Library and voted on by members of the public next spring.

Christmas Sale

Thank you for the generous donations of Christmas decorations, we have been overwhelmed by the response.  As part of our bid for our Eco School Green Flag we are becoming involved in recycling projects, this being our first event.

We’d like to encourage you to continue donating until the 11th of December. On Friday 13th December we will be hosting a sale at lunch time with prices ranging from 5p to £5.

Please click the links below for further information:

Christmas Stall.pdf
Eco Decorations.pdf



Proceeds raised will go into the eco-committee to help us support future projects and a charity.